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Deposit Doctoral Thesis


About the Publication of the Doctoral Thesis

Under the Degree Regulations of Japan, holders of a Doctorate conferred in or after the academic year 2013 are required to publicize the full text of their doctorate thesis, in principle, over the Internet within a year from the day the degree was conferred. But if there are unavoidable circumstances, it is allowed to publish an abridged version of thesis.

 絵文字:虫眼鏡 学位規則の一部を改正する省令の施行について(文部科学省)(Japanese only)
1. How to Submit the Documents
 Please submit the following two documents to the submission destination of each department.

 ・Academic Repository Consent Form(Form1: PDF / Word)
 ・Electronic file of thesis

 【Notice of the Electronic File
 ・Recording media is only CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
 ・Please save in PDF file format(PDF/A (ISO-19005).
 ・One data for one thesis.
 ・Do not insert external font or links.
 ・Do not encode or add password, and do not create print restrictions.

2. Place of Submission
 ・Graduate School of Engineering → Graduate School Section TEL:093-884-3084
 ・Graduate School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering → Graduate School Section TEL:0948-29-7520
 ・Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering → Academic and Admissions Section TEL:093-695-6006

3. About "The Online Publication of the Doctoral Thesis and Copyright"
 Please refer to the materials for the briefing method on the  online publication and the briefing session on copyright that we have conducted so far.
 絵文字:鉛筆Materials (2016)
 "Guide for the Online Publication of the Doctoral Thesis" (PDF)
 Slide Deck (PDF)

For those who have been conferred a doctoral degree on or before March 31, 2013,
If you wish to publish you thesis to the institutional repository, please contact the following address.

Inquiries: Repository contact officer,Kyutech Library

Email: kyutacarjimu.kyutech.ac.jp ※⇒